Quantum Information & Computation, Condensed Matter, and Quantum Optics 

The general theme of my research is quantum information theory and realization of quantum computation with physical models explained by condensed matter physics and quantum optics.

Research overview

My field of interest is Quantum Information & Quantum Computation and its intersection with Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Optics (light-matter interaction). I am primarily interested in foundations of quantum theory, correlations (entanglement & discord), open systems and decoherence, quantum algorithms and protocols, architecture of quantum computing (via graph theory) and realization of quantum information processing (QIP) via cavity/circuit-QED, ion traps, and topological matter (braiding statistics). Condensed Matter aspects such as correlated quantum matter, magnetism in quantum theory and many-body systems also concern my interest. Quantum optics aspects of my interests include light-matter interaction which is very well exploited for QIP via cavity-QED theory, and measurements in quantum optics. More details topic-wise is given below.


Quantum Information and
Quantum Computing

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Condensed Matter

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Quantum Optics

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